Welcome to the BC Beef Packing Plant engagement website.

Here you will find background information, notices and updates about the development of a proposal to build a federally inspected beef packing plant in British Columbia.

In spring 2018, the BC Government announced funding to support further development of a plan to explore a federally inspected beef packing plant project in BC.

This project has been six years in the making. It started in 2012 with a research report to explore opportunities for a branded BC beef program. The report highlighted the need for a federally inspected packing plant right here in BC. This was followed by a viability study in 2015 and the development of a business plan.

That business plan was completed May 2017 and submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture. After careful review and consideration, the Minister approved the development of a commercialization strategy to further explore the opportunity to develop a federally inspected beef packing plant in British Columbia and agreed to invest in the strategy.

There is still much work to be done. A steering committee made up of BC ranchers and industry experts was formed to review further. Producer and stakeholder engagement is crucial to the development of this opportunity.

This website was created to provide updates on project progress, next steps and meetings where there will be opportunities to ask questions and provide feedback.

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