Why do we need a federally inspected packing plant in BC?

We know through research that BC residents are willing to pay more for locally grown food, including beef from BC. Currently, most of BC’s cattle are sent to Alberta or Washington for finishing and processing, so these cattle can’t be branded or identified as BC Beef. This limits the amount of beef available to meet consumer and retailer demand. A federally inspected beef packing plant here in BC will allow producers to brand their beef and maximize consumer demand.

Where will the plant be located?

The Steering committee is looking at locations around the province, taking into consideration access to fed cattle and labour availability.

What is the proposed capacity of the plant?

500 head per week to start is the capacity under consideration.

How will beef producers be involved in this project?

This project will be driven by the needs and interest of BC’s beef producers. The steering committee (the majority of members on the committee are beef producers) is engaging with producers around the province to obtain their feedback and gather input. The committee is looking at many ways this facility can be structured and will present options to producers for consideration—producers will help shape the structure and will be an integral part of the process.

How can I find out more about this project?

Sign up here for updates about the plant and producer engagement sessions.